Official Designation                                                          Status


1.    Secretary/Chairman Railways                                           (Chairman)

       Ministry of Railways, Islamabad  


2.    Member Finance                                                               (Director)

       Ministry of Railways, Islamabad


3.    General Manager/Operations                                              (Director)

       Pakistan Railways, Lahore


4.    Addl. General Manager/IBU                                                (Director)

       Pakistan Railways, Lahore


5.    General Manager/M&S                                                       (Director)

       Pakistan Railways, Lahore


6.    Managing Director                                                              (Director)

       M/s. Railway Constructions Pakistan Limited, Islamabad


7.    Chief Executive                                                                  (Director)

       M/s. Consolidated Agencies (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore


8.    Managing Director                                                              (Director)

       M/s. Interhome Construction Company (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore


9.    Managing Director                                                              (Director)

       M/s. Shah Zaman (Pvt) Ltd., Islamabad